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BepInEx Guide

Best Practices#

Here is an example BasePlugin class. Note how it does not (ab)use static variables everywhere, and calls Harmony.PatchAll() after it has been created with a user defined Id = gg.reactor.Example.

using BepInEx;using BepInEx.Configuration;using BepInEx.IL2CPP;using HarmonyLib;using Reactor;
namespace Example{    [BepInPlugin(Id)]    [BepInProcess("Among Us.exe")]    [BepInDependency(ReactorPlugin.Id)]    public class ExamplePlugin : BasePlugin    {        public const string Id = "gg.reactor.Example";
        public Harmony Harmony { get; } = new Harmony(Id);
        public override void Load()        {            Harmony.PatchAll();        }    }}