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Intro to debugging your mod#

Before launching your mod, we highly recommend for you to turn on bepinex's console for Among Us. Head on to the path to your Among Us install. From there, go into BepInEx/config. You should see the file BepInEx.cfg. Open up the BepInEx.cfg file and find the header [Logging.Console] and change Enabled = false to Enabled = true


If you wish to start the game with less than 4 clients, you can use the Reactor.Debugger
Download Reactor.Debugger.dll and copy to your BepInEx/plugins

Debugging using your IDE#


  1. Open your doorstop_config.ini and set your debugEnabled to true like that

    # Specifies whether the mono soft debugger is enableddebugEnabled=true# Specifies whether the mono soft debugger should suspend the process and wait for the remote debuggerdebugSuspend=false

    You can also enable debugSuspend if you need to debug something in for example your Load method, otherwise you are going to save few seconds by not waiting for the loading screen.

  2. Make sure to copy .pdb alongisde your mod's .dll to plugins folder (reactor mod template does that by default)

  3. Make a new Mono Remote run configuration Step 1 Step 2
    Make sure port is set to 10000! Step 3 Step 4


VS could potentially work with VSMonoDebugger extension, although it is very hacky compared to official support in Rider, if anyone finds a reliable way, please contribute to this page ;)