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Getting Started


This guide will explain the tools necessary to install and setup in order to create a modding environment. It contains a detailed explanation of how one would approach modding the game Among Us. Finally, it walks through the process of getting your mod installed and playing it.

Prerequisite Information

  1. Loading external mods requires BepInEx.
  2. BepInEx provides an environment for mods to patch Among Us functions, to change how they run, as well as call Among Us and Unity methods.
  3. A quirk of Among Us is that it is compiled using il2cpp. Which makes decompilation really annoying.
  4. Luckily, the Reactor Framework automatically handles all the hard parts for you.

Mods for the game are programmed in C#. It is similar to other higher level languages like Java. Though the programming concepts in this guide are simple to follow, prior programming experience is heavily recommended.

What are the different parts of the Reactor Framework?

  • Reactor Framework is the all-encompassing umbrella term for many NuclearPowered projects. It may also be referred to as just Reactor in general language.
  • Reactor (Reactor.dll) refers to the client side mod. It provides helper extensions and utility functions for other client mods.

Overall Goals

  1. Install BepInEx.
  2. Install the Reactor mod.
  3. Install an the .NET SDK and the example mod template.
  4. Download and configure a C# IDE to work with the template.
  5. Compile the project and obtain the mod file.
  6. Launch Among Us with the new mod!

Ready to start?

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