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The Reactor handshake makes sure that all players in a game of modded Among Us are running the same version of mods. If you reached this page, you may have run into an issue with the handshake or you want to enable it for your own mods.

Most mods require you all players you play with to install the mod. To check that all players have the correct version, the handshake is used. The handshake will make sure that players who join have the same version of the mod installed as you.

To make sure people without mods don't join your modded game, the public/private slider and the public lobby is disabled on servers that are not aware of the mod handshake, like the official servers. Usually there are custom servers installed by your mod that allow you to create a public lobby there.

To play a modded game, either find some friends willing to play with you, or look in the public game menu of a custom server. Joining a game from the public server list on official servers doesn't work, almost all of the lobbies you find there are of unmodded games. Alternatively, join the Discord of the mod you installed, they usually have a matchmaking section where you can find other players.

If you run into issues after reading this document, please join our Discord